iWell helps you save time and money by centralizing your daily gauge readings


iWell’s ease of use enables a mid-size E&P company to save time and money


With over 300 wells and more than 30 field pumpers, it was becoming harder and harder for this midwest company to manage and process daily gauge readings from disparate sources and formats.


By centralizing all gauge sheet reports in a single place, iWell helped save hundreds of hours every month by eliminating disparate paper sheets and excel spreadsheets.


  • Massive time savings by centralizing and standardizing daily gauge reports
  • Reduction in field to office reporting errors through system validation
  • iWell’s interface made it easy for field operators to start submitting daily reports from the get-go, with little training required


Less time spent on paperwork


Cost savings of their current operation


No setup fees or server costs

Who benefits the most from iWell?

Field Operators

Submits gauge readings, gas production, pressure and compressor readings, daily comments, well tests or anything else that may require tracking

Office Staff

Builds and executes production reports, daily gauge sheets, inventory, State and Federal reporting and custom reports using existing production or custom field data available

Management Team and Investors

Access to production reports and custom data through iWell’s suite of mobile applications

A smooth implementation process

After importing historical production data into iWell, the field pumpers were trained on using iWell’s mobile application and after a few days, the field team started reporting daily gauge readings.

By the end of the first week, the staff members were executing production reports, graphs and downloading raw data for analysis.

Easy data access means massive time savings

Before implementing iWell, production analysts had to consolidate disparate sources of information, from paper sheets, notebooks, and excel spreadsheets, after which they had to format the data in order to run daily, weekly and monthly reports.

With iWell’s cloud based application, building, executing and exporting production reports takes a couple of clicks.

By centralizing all of our field data, we were able to get better reporting and at the same time, save hundreds of hours of work

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