5 reasons to convince your pumpers to go digital

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You’ve decided to ditch paper gauge sheets and shift towards a digital operation. You might be wondering, what’s next? One of the challenges you might face is resistance to change within your operational team. Getting your pumpers to actively use a oil and gas production software could prove difficult for a couple of reasons;

  • They’ve been using paper for years and they want to keep it that way
  • They’ve never used a mobile device or mobile application
  • Might feel that technology will replace them

Oil & Gas software provides multiple benefits to pumpers, staff and management. If you’re having trouble getting your pumpers engaged and excited about a digital solution, here are 5 compelling reasons to get them to go digital.

1. They stay organized

By utilizing a mobile device to capture field data, pumpers won’t have to worry about folders filled with paper sheets or hauler receipts. This will make it easier for them to stay organized and with the added benefit of having a clear truck.

2. They’re efficient

If you’re working with contract pumpers, getting them to use a oil and gas production software should be easy. It helps them stay on top of every property they’re working on, plus it helps them submit all of the information to the office on time.

3. They’re effective

Software solutions effectively eliminate human error by implementing measures that notify pumpers whenever they’re sending inconsistencies or erroneous data. This saves time and effort, plus any angry calls from management or staff.

4. No more obnoxious calls at the end of the week

Pumpers can save field production data in their devices and send it immediately once they have internet connection, thus avoiding any calls from staff or management to remind them about sending their data.

5. Forget about math

No more calculations. Existing solutions do all the heavy lifting for the pumper. This helps reduce considerably human errors whenever capturing or sending information to the office.


Even if you’re working with contract or on staff pumpers, resistance to change will always be there. The best way to convince, motivate and ultimately engage pumpers is to present them with a serious of benefits that will impact their time and productivity.