Tips for implementing a digital transformation

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Oil and Gas operators face multiple challenges, from drops in pricing, to changing market conditions and acts of nature. While most of these factors can’t be controlled by operators, digital transformation can help them optimize their operations, wells and profits.

Digital transformation could transform the way people work and live at a scale comparable to major industrial revolutions of the past. While digital transformation has tremendous potential to benefit industry and society, it is by no means guaranteed that its full value will be unlocked. To do so, all major stakeholders must engage in focused collaboration and determined action. Successful digitalization will require collaboration between both field and management teams.

Make digital a priority for senior executives

Digital transformation needs to be sponsored from the top. This includes setting a clear vision, committing funding and resources, and actively championing the change-management effort associated with it.

Drive a culture of innovation and technology adoption

While not everything will be developed in-house, companies will need to open up to new ideas and ways of working.

Invest in human capital and development programs that promote new, digital thinking

Ultimately, a digital-savvy workforce is both a foundational enabler of transformation and a key driver for maximizing value capture.

Put in place a methodical approach for developing new capabilities

This includes decisions about whether to build or buy capabilities, and a program management approach to scale up technology and digital platforms.

Reform the company’s data architecture

Data sits at the heart of digital transformation, so the harmonization, integration and interoperability of data platforms are critical.

Digital transformation is not an easy task, it must be championed from the top and the entire organization needs believe in change, otherwise, any digital implementation efforts are doomed for failure.

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